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Are You Looking For A Custom Firearm That Stands Above The Rest?...... YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE !

AK  -  AR  -  Cowboy Action

  • We Offer The Ultimate In Custom Built-To-Order AK & AR Rifles With A Sub-MOA Guarantee !

  • Cowboy Action Shooter?... We build "slicked up" Lever Action Rifles, Pump Shotguns, & Single Action Pistols !

Accurate Arms USA is a Licensed Firearms Manufacturer / Dealer that can custom build you the gun that you have been dreaming about ! 

All of our custom firearms are manufactured from the highest quality materials available using precision, state of the art equipment. 

Each firearm is hand assembled to achieve a fit and finish which is far superior to any "off the shelf gun!"

 We also utilize parts from top manufacturers such as Armalite, Timney, and Krebs. 

We provide a warranty and stand behind every product and service that we offer! 

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Customer Testimonials

" I have fired the AK-47 which I purchased.  I found this weapon far superior to any other AK that I have seen.  The weapon is very well built and did everything I expected and with proper trigger control, a lot more!  Recoil was minimal no matter what ammo I ran through it.  There was no misfires or jambs, and when cycling you could feel how tight and well put together it is!

Thank You,


Corral Springs, Florida

" Thank you for an amazing piece... Craftsmanship, attention to detail, and reliability is second to none!!! For all your gun needs, Accurate Arms is the only place to go!"


                                                             Livermore, California